National School Lunch / Breakfast Programs

The NSLP provides cash reimbursement and commodity foods for meals served in non-profit food services in elementary and secondary schools, and in residential child care institutions.

School Breakfast Program (SBP) provides cash reimbursement to schools for meals served, much the same as the School Lunch Program. Children eligible to receive a lunch at free or reduced price are also eligible to receive breakfast at the same rate.

iCAN Website Site Based Claim Info Sheet
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Equipment Grant
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CEP Information Slides CEP Agreement SY15-16
CEP Info For Administrators (8/7/2015) FRAC CEP Information
USDA CEP Information 2015 CEP Agency Report
USDA Memo SP21-2014 v2 (7/25/14) 2015 CEP School Report
CEP Fact Sheet

Community eligibility is the newest opportunity for schools with high percentages of low-income children to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students. It increases participation by children in the school meal programs, reduces labor costs for schools, and increases federal revenues. In short, it allows for a healthier student body and a healthier school meal budget.

Only school sites that offer both School Breakfast and School Lunch can participate in Community Eligibility.

Additional information is also on the USDA website and the Food Research and Action Center (FRAC) website.
Numbered Memos are available for reference.

Free and Reduced Price Application
SFA Cover Letter Agreement Parts 4, 5, 6
Pricing Program Household Letter & Instructions
Non-pricing Program Household Letter & Instructions
Special Milk Option 2 Household Letter & Instructions
Claim Due Dates Lunch, Snack, and Breakfast Reimbursement Rates for SY 2015-16
Financial Statements – Due August 29, 2015
Applications and claims for the School Nutrition Programs National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) are now submitted and approved through a web-based application called iCAN. You can find the link to iCAN, a user request form, and a user manual for iCAN on this page under the “iCAN” heading. If you have a current application with the Child and Adult Nutrition Services office, you should have access to this site already. To apply for the NSLP and/or SBP for the first time, you must contact Child and Adult Nutrition Services at (605) 773-3413 to request access to the web-site and submit additional information to ensure eligibility for the program. If you have any issues, please contact the CANS office at the same number.

Paid Lunch Equity
PLE Tool SY15-16 PLE Exempt Request SY15-16
PLE Memo 28-2014
Professional Standards rule Nonprogram Food Revenue Tool
Food Safety SOP's Severe Need Breakfast - Forms
Severe Need Breakfast-Eligibility Instructions
Food Service Management Co:
FSMC information FSMC RFP FSMC contact list
FSMC Renewal FSMC Contract webinar USDA FSMC Guidance
Menu Planning: References, Worksheets, and Production Records:
Meal Pattern Requirements Lunch Production Record
Short & Long Week Meal Requirements Breakfast/Snack Production Record
PreK Lunch Pattern Requirements PreK Lunch & Breakfast
PreK Breakfast Pattern Requirements Colony School
Vegetable Subgroups List Community Support Providers
Implementation Timeline Multi-Day Food Bar Form
New Grain Bread Chart Multi-Day Food Bar Example
Common Whole Grains Single-Day Food Bar Form
Whole Grain Rich Exemption Request Single-Day Food Bar Example
Tip sheet for Accepting Processed Product Documentation 5 Day Worksheet
5 Day Multiple Entree
4 Day Worksheet
4 Day Multiple Entree
6 Day Worksheet
7 Day Worksheet
Afterschool Snacks
Afterschool Snack Brochure Afterschool Snack meal pattern Snack Ideas

Smart Snacks
Smart Snacks in Schools (brochure)
Smart Snack Summary Chart
SD Policy on Exempt Fundraisers
Healthy Fundrasing
Questions and Answers
Allaince for a Healthier Generation

Professional Standards and Training Opportunities
Professional Standards for School Nutrition Program Employees (USDA website)
Institute for Child Nutrition (NFSMI) Web-based Training for School Nutrition Programs
USDA Professional Standards - regulation
SNP Professional Standards regulation correction
Q&A on Professional Standards Regulation, Memo 39-2015
USDA Professional Standards Learning Objectives
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Training & Webinars
Breakfast Offer vs Serve l - 23 Slides Only Lunch Offer vs Serve - 31 Slides Only
Paid Lunch Equity Tool - 27 Slides Only Paid Lunch Equity Tool SY 2014-15 - 7 Slide Transcript
NonProgram Food Revenue Tool June 2014 – 14 minutes Production Records Part 1 7/2015 – 31 Minutes
Production Records Part 2 7/2015 – 12 Minutes Assoc. School Board Official (ASBO) CANS Session Slides 9/2015 – 59 slides

USDA Guidance:
Guidance for Accepting Processed Product Documentation
Manufacturer’s Product Formulation Statement
Administrative Review:
SY 15-16 Administrative Review List SY14–15 Administrative Review Manual
SY 14-15 Off-Site Assessment Tool SY 14-15 Off-Site Tool Instructions
SY 14-15 Off-Site Tool Helpful Hints & Glossary SY 14-15 CANS Summary and Self Evaluation Checklist

Useful Links:
Verification Process Slides Numbered Memos
Menu Certification Tools Free and Reduced Price Applications – Multiple Languages
Wellness Policy Wellness Policy webinar 3-2014
Food Waste  


For information about the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) including Afterschool Snacks, or the School Breakfast Program (SBP) contact the CANS office at (605) 773-3413 or email your questions to