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A school district may choose to create an end of course exam for a course that is not available as a state-created exam. More detailed information on creating an end of course exam can be found in the End of Course Exam Procedure Manual. Please refer to the manual for the complete list of detailed steps to follow if the district is creating an end of course exam. The steps that are listed here are general in nature.

1. Develop and submit an End of Course/Course Equivalency Exam and waiver application for approval.

2. Ensure the school district has an administrative waiver in place which provides permission to administer the requested end of course/course equivalency exam.

3. Determine the date of the exam. The timeframe for giving an end of course/course equivalency exam is determined by each district according to student needs and scheduling.

4. Submit a test security agreement for each exam given (per proctor). The original document, with original signatures, must be mailed and received by the South Dakota Department of Education two weeks before delivering the exam. No faxed or emailed agreements will be accepted. The Security Agreement can downloaded here.

5. Report all student data to the South Dakota Department of Education within a week after testing is complete.

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