Committee of Practitioners

Committee of Practitioners
Conference Call Meeting
June 1, 2016
10:00 am

For call-in information, please call Julie at 605-773-6400.
Purpose of the Meeting
The purpose of the meeting is to discuss 1003(a) School Improvement funding for the next fiscal year. The Department will reserve 5% from the top for the state level administration as allowed by the statutes. The Department is asking that additional funds be reserved from the top of the allocation at the State level. The funds will be used for activities including the Statewide System of Support and direct support from the Department. The need for additional funds to support the School Support Team to work with the identified Priority Schools and Focus Schools is a priority. The remaining 1003 (a) School Improvement funding will be allocated to the schools per federal law. This is current practice. Does the committee agree that withholding the additional funds for state level activities is a priority?

Committee of Practitioners
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