Foundational Support #4

Students are supported by families that are engaged in their child’s education.

There is significant research available that indicates a positive correlation between family involvement in a child's education and benefits for those students. The benefits may include: higher GPAs and test scores, enrollment in more challenging academic programs, more classes passed, better attendance, and improved behavior at home and at school. (A New Wave of Evidence, Anne T. Henderson and Karen L. Mapp, Annual Synthesis 2002)

To best support children in their academic pursuits, parents, guardians and family members should seek meaningful ways to become a partner in their child's education. Your child's teacher and local school leaders should be able to suggest ways that you can become involved. Working together, we can prepare our students for further education, careers and life in the 21st century!


For additional information, contact the South Dakota Department of Education
at (605) 773-3134.