- SD Physical Education Program (PEP) Grants Awarded
- Team Nutrition – We Can! McIntosh Team Community Event
- National Student Ambassador for Fuel Up to Play 60

SD Physical Education Program (PEP) Grants Awarded

The Beresford Area Parks, Recreation, and Community Education (PRCE) Program was awarded a $344,399 PEP grant. PRCE is the primary entity charged with providing before- and after-school programming for youth in Beresford and the surrounding area. PRCE has partnered with the Beresford School District and a variety of other entities to create the “Watchdogs of the Future” project. The target population for the "Watchdogs of the Future" project is all students K-12 within the Beresford School District and approximately 200 youth from surrounding communities. The community education program and its partners will provide an opportunity for youth to improve their overall physical activity, nutrition, and wellness levels.

The Tea Area School District was awarded a $293,025 PEP grant. The Tea Area School District has four attendance centers including an elementary school, middle school, high school, and alternative school. The local education agency will implement the Healthy Youth-Healthy Future Project. This project seeks to improve the PE curriculum and opportunities for students to increase activity levels during school hours. Students will receive instruction on the importance of physical activity to improve health and wellness. The project will also provide health and PE teachers with professional development needed to improve classroom management, provide students with a research-based curriculum, and help students understand how to improve moderate to vigorous physical activity levels during class.

Team Nutrition – We Can! McIntosh Team Community Event

The We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition) Team in McIntosh, SD sponsored an event that brought the whole town together for some fun with physical activity and nutrition. The afterschool program, and Title I organized a We Can! Walk-a-thon. Forty eight walkers from the school and community registered a total of 200 miles. Each time a walker completed a lap the walker’s card was punched, and the walker was asked to try a sample healthy snack and give feedback on the snack. Snacks were prepared by the Northwest Area School Education Cooperative Hospitality and Tourism mobile unit students, and were served by the National Honor Society students. The snacks provided were tofu pudding, peanut butter power balls, whole wheat sugar cookies, yam and jam muffins, cheese sticks, prunes, pomegranates, and frozen yogurt.

The McIntosh team had several partners that assisted with the Walk-a-thon. The McIntosh Clinic provided pamphlets. The McIntosh Ambulance did blood pressure checks. The Extension Service provided each walker with a pedometer and the National Relief Charities along with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Suicide and Prevention/Youth Wellness Program provided water bottles.

As a part of the We Can! initiative the McIntosh After- School Program will continue to support exercise and nutrition through the use of curriculums and training made available through the Team Nutrition training grant and the We Can! training program. The We Can! Wellness Team Members are Brenda Kraft, Sue Bubbers, Nancy Halverson, Colette Kellogg, and Sandy Baumberger.

National Student Ambassador for Fuel Up to Play 60

Kati Osmundson became interested in Fuel Up to Play 60 when her principal at Robert Frost Elementary school in Sioux Falls, SD found the Fuel Up to Play 60 website. Kati was interested in Fuel Up to Play 60 because she knew it would be great for her friends and her school. Kids at her school just sit around at recess and make unhealthy food choices at lunch. They eat things like potato chips and candy and do not drink enough milk. Instead of running around outside for recess and playing games, they sit around and talk and are not active. Kati thought Fuel Up to Play 60 could change that by encouraging kids to eat healthy and be active for 60 minutes a day.

Kati’s mom was interested too. She became the school’s program advisor and implemented it at the school with help from the Wellness Council. The Wellness Council is a group of students in grades 3rd through 5th that want to make healthy changes at the school. They all went online to fueluptoplay60.com and signed up to take the pledge. They started doing Fuel Up to Play 60 Challenges in school. They brought in a taste test and gave everyone a plum. Almost everyone liked it! Some even started begging their parents to buy more plums for home. The Wellness Council also started the Walk It Challenge! They gave out pedometers and sheets for kids to record their steps. Kids were still wearing their pedometers to walk along the school track even after the Challenge was over. They brought in Zumba classes, had assemblies with skits to get kids excited, made healthy snack recipe books for all the students, put up milk mustache posters, and even had a Halloween Challenge where they encouraged kids to not eat all their candy.

Kati would log onto the website often to check for updates and track her food and activity. She saw that one could sign up to be a National Student Ambassador. She knew right away that this was the job for her. She filled out the application by herself and sent it off to Fuel Up to Play 60. Later, she got an email that she was chosen! On July 14th, she left for Washington D.C. for a leadership training summit. She met a lot of new people and made a lot more friends that she loved to email. She learned a lot of great ideas that she planned to implement in her school this next year, such as a Walk-a-Marathon Challenge. She also learned about how to talk about Fuel Up to Play 60 through the media training. She got to meet St. Louis Rams Quarterback Sam Bradford and Chef Carla Hall. She loved the cooking demonstration and now makes granola at home. Seeing the Washington D.C. sites was also a highlight.

Kati thinks Fuel Up to Play 60 is a great program because it helps prevent childhood obesity. That is when children eat too much unhealthy food and don’t exercise and become overweight. She also likes Fuel Up to Play 60 because students like her get to be the leaders in the program, come up with ideas and put them into action. She feels Fuel Up to Play 60 really believes in kids and cares what kind of lives they live.

Kati hopes you choose Fuel Up to Play 60 for yourself, your family and your school.
Nov. 2011
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