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Miller Holds Winter Wellness Event

February 4th 2012 The Miller Area Health Board (MAHB) held a Winter Wellness Kickoff. The MAHB consists of Miller area students, school faculty, and community members. The purpose of this board is to create an overall healthy environment for the school and community. The purpose of this wellness event was to increase school spirit, increase awareness of the board, increase awareness of what is offered in the community as far as health/fitness and most of all to encourage all the fans to include fitness in every aspect of their lives.

The MAHB held this Winter Wellness Kickoff during a double header basketball game. The event proved to be a very action packed evening keeping students and community members moving all night.

The kickoff started the minute the fans walked into the doors. They were greeted by students on the board telling them about the event and encouraging them to take part in the activities in any way they feel comfortable doing so. Options included: preschool to 2nd grade students were encouraged to dance with the cheerleaders during the half-time of the varsity games. Student from 3rd-6th grade were encouraged to come down on the floor during the half time of the JV games to go through drills with the varsity basketball players. The older students and adult fans were encouraged to sign up to exercise for 10 minutes on “state of the art” exercise equipment. This exercise equipment was brought out and placed in an area that they could exercise and watch the game at the same time. The goal of the night was to have these 3 exercise machines busy all night long. That goal was easily achieved with more than 65 people exercising in a 3 hour period. Fans were also encouraged to do squats during the game. These squats were done every time their team made a basketball. So when the Miller Rustler team made a basketball all fans were encouraged to stand up and then sit down (a squat). The Platte-Geddes fans were also encouraged to do so. Both fans seemed to really enjoy this opportunity to move around while supporting their teams. It was very cool to see the wave of green for the Rustlers and then the wave of maroon for the Panthers.

During the half time of the last game instead of just the students coming down on the floor to dance, we encouraged everyone to come down and dance. All ages seemed to be anxious to show off their dancing ability. Anyone who took part in the activities was able to place their name in a drawing.

One of the students on the nutrition advisory board handed out homemade hummus with crackers/carrots. Many had never tried hummus and even asked for the recipe. It was a fun and successful night. The students on the board did an outstanding job announcing events, encouraging people to sign up, working with the youth, making hummus and helping in every aspect of the night. They have received many positive comments and are ready to do it again next basketball season.

Tea is Healthy

Tea School District received a Carol M. White Physical Education Program grant that the grant project manager; Craig Clayberg has been implementing over the course of this school year. The grant surrounds student health promotion, nutrition and physical activity. They have turned their weight room into an appealing wellness center. Superintendent, Jerry Schutz shows visitors that it is often filled with students accompanied by a staff member who is supervising. They also have an independent consultant, Aaron McGuire with DakotaKids who is working with a specific age group weekly teaching them about nutrition, physical activity, and positive self-affirmation.

There have been numerous updates to the physical education program in the Tea Area School District since the PEP grant was awarded in October of 2011. The most significant update is the new Titan Weight Room / Wellness Center. The whole room is brand new including the flooring. Students are very excited about the new weight equipment, cardio equipment, and technology in there.

Each PE teacher was also able to purchase some much needed equipment for their programs. Some of that equipment includes units of softball, Frisbee golf, pickle ball, badminton, soccer, a GeoMotion program, a Dance Dance Revolution including Wii systems, and a rock wall that was installed in the elementary gym. There are now plenty of activities/games to keep students very active in physical education class.

There are many assessments that need to be done in PE class, as a result of receiving this grant. The assessments are taking a nutrition survey, an activity survey, participating in a PACER test, and recording the number of steps students takes in a day by wearing pedometers. The PE staff and students have done a great job so far with the assessments and will continue to do them for at least four times this school year.

The 7th and 8th graders are being taught about nutrition twice a week through a program called DakotaKids, Inc. This interactive program’s objective is to teach the basics of nutrition, exercise, teamwork, building self-esteem through goal-setting, and life skills.

Tea School District will also be receiving more technology by the end of the year that includes heart rate monitors and a Body Mass Index system that will be used to help educate each student on making healthier choices in their everyday lives.

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