- South Dakota Coordinated School Health - A Year in Review

South Dakota Coordinated School Health - A Year in Review

Coordinated School Health in the South Dakota Departments of Education and Health completed the last year of activities of a five year grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH).

The purpose of the grant was to improve the health and educational outcomes of young people with emphasis on the following priority areas as identified by CDC: nutrition and physical activity promotion, tobacco-use prevention, and HIV prevention.

The following is a summary of some of the key activities completed during year 5 (March 1, 2012-February 28, 2013). South Dakota Coordinated School Health:

Provided skills-based health education training to 70 educators representing 43 school districts.

The trainings included an in-depth review of the revised South Dakota Health Education Standards. In addition, participants learned to create standards-based lessons using backward design and to identify children and young adult literature for use in planning, teaching, and discussing a health content area and the health skills.

Provided SPARK Physical Education (PE) workshops for elementary and middle school physical educators.

Forty-five physical educators, representing 28 school districts, attended one or both of the workshops. SPARK PE has been identified as a successful model for improving the quantity and quality of physical activity/education. Participants in the SPARK PE workshop learned how to maximize class activity time, and how to make their PE class more inclusive, active and fun.

Maintained a distribution list comprised of a school health contact from each of the 152 school districts in South Dakota.

The monthly Coordinated School Health News Infused e-newsletter is sent to the school health contact for distribution to others within their school district. The e-newsletter is the primary source for distributing information and resources about the value of effective school health programs and information about effective programs and practices for physical activity and nutrition promotion, tobacco-use prevention and HIV prevention.

Provided training, technical assistance, resources and funding to 6 South Dakota school districts who were part of the Building Healthy Schools (BHS) Project.

The purpose of the BHS Project was to assist school districts to develop, enhance and sustain a school health council. School districts used CDC’s School Health Index to identify strengths and weaknesses of the school district’s health programs, policies and practices in four priority areas: physical activity, nutrition, tobacco-use prevention and HIV prevention. School districts developed their action plan based on the results of the self-assessment.

Contact Coordinated School Health staff at (605) 773-3261 for information about Coordinated School Health or any of the activities described above.
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