Classroom Innovation Grant Program

The South Dakota Department of Education announces a new grant opportunity funded by the 2016 legislature. Senate Bill 133 from the 2016 legislative session included an on-going appropriation of $1,000,000 to the South Dakota Department of Education to provide classroom innovation grants to South Dakota public K-12 school districts. The purpose of this grant program is to provide funding for developing teacher training and classroom access to virtual education and customized learning tools.


Application proposals for the Classroom Innovation Grant Program may be submitted by a South Dakota public K-12 school district. (Educational Service Agencies or Educational Co-ops are not eligible to apply for this grant.)

Maximum Grant Amount

$100,000 per school district

Application Deadline

The time period for application proposals is currently closed. The first round of application proposals will be available April 15, 2016, and due by May 31, 2016. If all funds are not distributed in the first round of applications, a second round of applications will be available August 1, 2016, and due by September 15, 2016. Application proposals submitted or postmarked after the due dates listed will not be considered.

Application proposals should be submitted as both a PDF email attachment and a paper copy.

     Steve Fiechtner
     South Dakota Department of Education
     800 Governors Drive
     Pierre, SD 57501

Award Process

The Classroom Innovation Grants will be awarded through a competitive process. All proposals will be read and judged by a review committee. The review committee will determine the eligibility of the project proposal and the amount of the grant award, based on the criteria outlined in the application and scoring rubric.

Grant awards will be announced by June 30, 2016 (first round). If there is a second round, those awards will be announced by October 15, 2016. Funds shall be expended within two years of the date of the grant award announcement.

Program Overview Application Scoring Rubric


     Steve Fiechtner at the South Dakota Department of Education
     Phone: 605-773-3134