ESEA Flexibility Waiver

Current Flexibility Waiver
Summary of Changes in the 2014 Flexibility Extension

ESEA Flexibility Request

South Dakota’s ESEA Flexibility Waiver extension request was approved by the U.S. Department of Education on July 3,2014. This is an amendment to, and extension of, the original Flexibility Waiver request approved on June 29,2012.

• Double testing flexibility approval (January 2014)
• ESEA Flexibility Extension Request Approval (July 2014)
• ESEA Flexibility Extension Request (June 2014)
• ESEA Flexibility Amendments (June 2014)
• ESEA Flexibility Request As Amended 6/11/13
• ESEA Flexibility Waiver Amendment Approval (June 2013)
• ESEA Flexibility Waiver Amendment Request (March 2013)
• Request to Suspend Principle 3 Review (Dec 2012)
• New Principle 3 Timeline (Dec 2012)
• Revised Amendment Request (Oct 2012)
• ESEA Flexibility Waiver Amendment Request (Sept 2012)
• Approved ESEA Flexibility Waiver
• ESEA Flexibility Request (submitted Feb. 26, 2012)
• DRAFT Flexibility Request (posted for public comment)


South Dakota began the process of developing a new statewide accountability model in September 2011. The Department of Education assembled a group of 23 individuals representing key stakeholder groups to provide recommendations regarding a next-generation accountability model for South Dakota. The group met four times. During that time period, the U.S. Department of Education also issued its ESEA Waiver Flexibility package.

Current ESEA Flexibility Request
ESEA Flexibility Accountability Addendum 2013
Accountability Work Group
ESEA Flexibility Package
CCSSO’s Principles for Next-Generation Accountability
CCSSO’s Roadmap for Next-Gen Accountability Systems


For more information, contact the Secretary’s Office at (605) 773-5669.