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The Food Distribution Program (FDP) for child nutrition programs provides entitlement and bonus USDA Foods to local agencies. Each agency’s allocation is based on the average daily participation and a per meal entitlement set for each program.

Over 4 million pounds of USDA donated products (commodities) valued at over $2 million are distributed in SD schools annually. In addition, over 720,000 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables are distributed. The money to support this comes from a portion of USDA food entitlement. These are available to both public and non-public school food authorities participating in the National School Lunch Program. Summer Food Service organizations receive a very small commodity entitlement.

Receipt/Bill of Lading

Upon receipt of your USDA Foods:
Count each and every commodity received!
Verify that the amounts received match the bill of lading.
Accept only commodities listed. Do not accept substitutions or overages. You are not required to keep something you did not order. Do not accept damaged product.
Visually Check for signs of damage.
Note & Initial shortages on bill of lading
Both you AND the driver must sign two copies of the bill of lading.
Submit an O,S & D report , within 5 days of receipt, on the iCAN website, for deliveries with discrepancies.

Numbered policy/instruction memos:
USDA releases numbered policy memos which govern the programs in addition to the laws, regulations, and guidance manuals. The legislaion, regulations and policy memos can be found under its respective program on the USDA website. South Dakota no longer relases the numbered memos separately. Announcements are provided through email, bulletins, and newsletters with reference to the appropriate USDA website.

Processing Calculators

Processing Calculators (updated 2015)
  Advance Pierre   Asian Food Solutions Commodity Calculator
  Bosco Cheese Commodity Calculator   Cargill Commodity Calculator
  ConAgra Cheese Commodity Calculator   JM Smuckers
  Jennie-O Turkey   JTM
  McCain Commodity Calculator   Michaels Commodity Calculator
  Pilgrim's Pride - Commercial   Pilgrim's Pride - Commodity
  Red Gold Commodity Calculator   Schwans Commodity Calculator
  Tasty Brand Commodity Calculator   Tyson Commodity Calculator

Net Off Invoicing

Net Off Invoicing (NOI) is a way for a school to use A/B entitlement for processed foods.

This process allows schools to use all or a portion of the USDA entitlement through processed foods. Processing might be cutting it up or canning it, or making it into something like meat patties.

The school needs to bid for the processed items they would like to purchase through a distributor. Consult with your school's business manager or superintendent to determine if you will need to do an informal or formal bidding process.

Net Off Invoicing Documents
NOI Process
SY13 List of Materials Policy Memo FD007
NOI Live Meeting RA Commodity Processing Handbook
RA-Distributor Agreement NOI Startup Live Meeting

Documents and Useful Links

Anticipated SY2014-15 Orders USDA Foods Delivery Schedule
USDA FD Policy Memos FD 133-2014 DoD Section 4 & 11 Purchases
USDA Nutrition Standards Letter Information and Guidance on the Domestic Beef Market
Dec. 18 Webinar: K-12 Cooking with USDA Foods
FSD iCAN Training iCAN Training Handout
iCAN Manual New iCAN User Form
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For information contact CANS at (605) 773-3413.