Administrative Rule Waivers

A school district may apply for a waiver from an administrative rule governing school accreditation in order to implement an alternative plan to meet the administrative rule that will better meet local learning goals, enhance educational opportunities, promote equity, or increase accountability.

The most common reason for applying for such a waiver is to offer a high school level course, taught by a high school certified teacher, to students below grade nine for high school graduation credit. Such an exemption makes the following possible for a student who successfully completes an exempted course:

- Grants the student high school graduation credit for the course, which the school district must note with a letter grade and unit of credit on the student's transcript and must calculate into the student's GPA;
- Helps ensure the student will have enough credit hours to be eligible for the Regents Scholarship program;
- Allows the student additional credit hour time to take more upper-level courses when they reach high school.

Policy for High School Credit Granted Before Grade Nine
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Waiver for High School Credit Before Grade Nine
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Current Waivers


Carol Uecker, Accreditation Specialist, South Dakota Department of Education,, (605)773-4771.
Read the Rules Governing Waivers