Common Course Numbering System

The Department of Education has implemented a common course numbering system, which will provide consistency in student transcripts across the state. South Dakota utilized the National Center for Educational Statistics’ SCED codes, or School Codes for the Exchange of Data.

The department recommends that districts adopt all of the SCED course titles. However, districts have the flexibility to keep local course titles and descriptions, as long as the course content aligns with the SCED descriptions. For questions regarding alignment of courses, contact content specialists at the South Dakota Department of Education, 605-773-3423.

The codes represent courses as a whole, but within Infinite Campus, districts will be able to keep their unique identifier to distinguish different semesters, trimesters or sections.

Transcribing transfer students from another state:
Align the course to the state SCED codes. If the course title on the transcript does not match, contact the school from which the student transferred from to obtain course description information. If the course description does not match any of the state SCED codes, districts can utilize the code 88888 and keep the unique title.

Transcribing Dual Credit Courses:
Use the following format to transcribe a dual credit course: 99999 course title (university initials), e.g., 99999 Composition 101 (BHSU)

All Codes No Descriptions
Implementing Common Course/ Infinite Campus
State Common Codes Descriptions


For more information, contact Sam Shaw at the Department of Education's Division of Learning and Instruction at (605) 773-5229.